MBSE Productivity & Tool Integration – Can You Incorporate Your Tool Into Other Systems?

Integration - Can You Live Without It?

Good tool integration is much like your smart phone, you don’t know you need it until you see how it can work for you. Too often corporate executives mandate from the top that a model-based method of systems engineering must be followed because this has become standard industry protocol, without fully understanding the implications. Following management direction, well-intentioned systems engineers typically choose some enterprise level tool to help facilitate this goal, but then struggle with how to use it with the rest of the functions of the company. They are left wondering, how do I use this with Excel and all the other analysis tools I am using to figure out my system?  Also how can I integrate with the other data I am generating?

Don't Isolate, Integrate.

Another aspect of integration is how is all this going to be used?  How can I share this information?  How do I generate something that others can view, comment on, and use as input into their process.   Needless to say, no one tool can do everything, and if it did it probably would be mediocre at best. But the ability to incorporate your tool of choice into other systems so that it works in a specific environment is invaluable. We can help you facilitate the integration lacking in your workplace, for example automating your processes, creating simulations, and understanding the meaningful and necessary procedures of the organization and allowing the functions of your job to be the easiest and most productive and that it can be.

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