If you are interested in any of these profiles please contact us and we can provide them with support to install them in your environment.

OMG standard profiles

  • UTP
    • UML Testing Profile
    • UML Data Distribution Services.  Created to model how to perform publish/subscribe using modeling.  In conjunction with DDS frameworks.
    • Modeling Aspects For Real Time Embedded.  This profile helps if you are doing embedded systems to define additional details.
  • AutoSAR
    • This profile is used to generate the appropriate AutoSAR format files form a modeling aspect.

Non OMG standard.

  • SysMxL - Extended SysML utility
    • This helps Systems Engineers use SysML.
  • FMEA - Failure Modes Effects and Analysis profile
    • Adds to any model to allow users to identify Failure Modes against their modeling items.
    • Generates into Excel or any FMEA tool of your choosing.
  • MBCD - Model Based Conceptual Design
    • Created to help document your system before you know what the requirements are.
  • BOM - Bill of Materials
    • This profile is a script to help you put in values in parts and creates a spreadsheet of those values to sum them up.
  • ICD - Interface Configuration Documentation
    • This is a script that will generate an ICD from a Internal Block Diagram.
      • (From, To, Types, and Port interfaces, along with the Flows specified)
  • Budget Profile
    • This is a utility created to calculate SWAP-C (Size Weight and Power) and Cost.  Showing when over the allotted values.
  • Requirements Helper
    • This profile is created to help you have unique id's, as well as defining high level and low level requirements as well as reports to help with traceablity checking.
  • Integration with VectorCast (Do178 profile)
    • This is an integration done between Vector's tool suite and Integrity Modeler.


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